White label

TwistCash.com White Label Program enables partners to create their own branded versions of online casinos and Vulkan gambling clubs.

How does it work?

To create a White Label, you must first register as a partner and contact our manager. WL requests are reviewed individually with each partner. This will allow you to earn profit from your customers at White Label website.
Once the partner is decided to get WL, we provide him with basic CMS templates.

  • Partner (or developers’ team) personalizes the templates by changing html, js, css.
  • Partner adds the modified files to the git-repository (github.com or bitbucket.org) and gives us a link to it.
  • We add his repository to our cms and connect his domain.

As soon as the White Label site is launched, you will start earning basic affiliate commission from deposits that customers make on your WL websites. TwistCash commission rate is 40% of the profit.

Are there any additional expenses?

No, TwistCash.com does not charge you with anything. However, you are bearing expenses for the services of IT-developers, who will work on your White Label.

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