What is TwistCash?

TwistCash is the new Internet-casino Affiliate's Program TwistCasino for webmasters. TwistCasino - built on up-to-date requirements of game industry:
- Multiplayer games;
- Only browser required;
- Unique design;
- Certified software from independent developers;
- Vast amount of all kinds of bonuses;
- 24/7/365 technical support service via Live Chat, email and phone;
- Various types of deposits and great rewards.
TwistCash.com is the most easy, modern and effective way to make money off your web sites. We provide you with convenient and accurate statistics system, monitoring any activities of user's which came from you. You won't loose a cent from each dollar spent by these users. Honesty is our main feature combined with unique software and amazing design.

How can I earn money with TwistCash.com?

During your whole life-time you can make the real money per each player you bring, i.e. per each player who transferred money on his or her game account at our Internet-casino. We are paying you for any net profits casino will get off these players. We use cookies to trace your players. So even if the user got registered in our casino but came to us in later time, such users will be registered as players sent to us by you. This method enables us to trace all users without skipping anyone and to be honest with our webmasters.

How is my profit calculated?

TwistCash.com partner’s profit depends on the number of invited players per month. The initial interest rate (from 1 to 50 users who have made deposits) will mean 50% of casino’s profit during the accounting period. If case the number of players who have made their deposits exceeds 51, but doesn’t reach 150, then you will get 55% of casino’s profit. And finally, if the number of players will be 151 or more, you will receive 60% of casino’s profit. If you bring a much greater number of active players, your interest rate will be stipulated and set individually.
If you get the negative balance on "% of each deposit" program and the referral program it is discarded at the beginning of the next month. While the "% of casino profit" program has no option of negative balance being count to zero.

What is NetProfit?

NetProfit is the basic term for all users of gaming resources on the Net. Sometimes it is also called Gross Profit. NetProfit is the profit casino earns for particular period of time (usually it equals one week). It is calculated on the basis of sum-total of players deposits, winning cash-outs, charge backs and refunds, i.e. NetProfit is calculated according to the following formula:
NetProfit = Deposits (Cash-In) - Payments (Cash-out) - Charge backs - Refunds

Is such payment scheme a standard one?

Yes, this is worldwide practice. Of course we would like to add that such terms as chargeback and refund are used only in regard to credit card payments. For example, in the Wire Transfer case such terms won't be used of course. And NetProfit will be calculated according to more simple formula:
NetProfit = Deposits (Cash-In) - Payments (Cash-out)

All of this is a little confusing. Can you give me an example of NetProfit calculation?

Yes, of course. Just look: the player, for example, deposited $100 via credit card and lost $80, no charge backs or refunds were requested. In this case casino's NetProfit per this player will be $80 off which you can earn your percentage according to your current charging rate.

And what is happening when NetProfit per user is a negative one?

Yes, you are absolutely right such situations happen (when a player wins or requests refund/chargeback). In this negative NetProfit is summarized with the current NetProfit of webmaster. Please note that at the end of the month we are handling all expenses related to these situations, i.e. if you've finished some settlement period with negative NetProfit then the new period you will start with zero mark. You are bringing us the players and you are not responsible for any winnings they make! We perfectly understand this! And that's why we empty all negative accounts once a month!

Excellent! But how can I control all my sales?

All statistics will be available to you as soon as you will login and enter your personal password and it is being strictly confidential. After you will log in please go to Income Statistics. There you will see the total number of Web Site Visits (Clicks), Charge Free Registrations (Regs), Winners' Cash-outs (Cash-outs), Charge backs (Cbk), Your Total Income (Income) and Averaged Volume of Your Income per one click (Ipc).

Please tell me whether there are any technical features or limitations?

There are no limitations but there are some particularities which you should know. In order for our statistics won't be overburdened with "empty" Clicks we count only those Clicks when user will wait till Casino's Lobby (Main Page) will get fully loaded. Please don't worry; such process will take no more than 1.5-2 minutes even with the slow speed modem connection.
Further we would like to note that since TwistCasino and TwistCash Affiliate's Program are two independent systems, then Clicks and Regs statistics are sent from Casino to Affiliate Program at the end of each hour. Deposits and profit calculations are accounted to webmaster once per day, at 00:30 GMT (London time), when the total Casino's balance is drawn.

And why it is so?

It's very simple; this is connected to the fact that a player doesn't make just one bet and sometimes even not just one deposit during a day. Also a player can make not just one winning, and he or she can win a substantial sum of money during a day. That's why there is no sense in transferring statistics from TwistCash to TwistCasino in real time.

When can I get my earned money?

Our payment 2 times a month (after 7 and after 21-th).
The hold is necessary to check users' payments and for bank to process the withdrawal.
Please notice that the minimum size of the payment is $50.

What payment methods can I use to receive my money?

We are paying to our web masters by wire transfer or as a bank check. So please do not forget to indicate all your bank requisites in your account settings. Out-coming wire transfer costs $25, out-coming bank check - $20. If the sum, accumulated on your account, is equal or more than $500 then we will cover all transfer commissions. If you would like to receive commissions using alternative payment method then you should contact our management office at [email protected]tcash.com. We will study your request as soon as possible.

Are there any hidden payments or commission for joining Affiliate's Program?

No, there are no hidden payments nor commission for joining Affiliate's Program. You can easily join our Affiliate's Program and freely use all our promotion materials, except in the cases forbidden by our policy.

And what are restrictions for webmasters?

Since we are the company which abides all the laws and works only in those jurisdictions where gambling is legal we are requiring from our affiliate's the same. Particularly, we do not allow to advertise our casino the following methods:
- Unsolicited bulk e-mail (SPAM), IRC postings, forged header mailings or any other form of mailing, including but not limited to, newsgroups or AOL customers or otherwise violate the anti-UBE policies of ISPs or state law;
- Provide inaccurate or incomplete information to our company concerning your identity, bank account, address or other required information;
- Attempt to cheat, defraud or mislead us in any way;
- Misrepresent to the public the terms and conditions;
- Promote from illegal MP3 archives or Warez web sites;
- Own or operate a website in connection with a person who is less than 18 years of age.
Your account will be immediately blocked if any of the above mentioned rules will be broken!

Will you help me to refer real players to TwistCasino?

Yes, you will find all the necessary marketing tools (banners, promo pages, newsletters, and etc.) on your account. Our designers and promoters are always ready to help you. Feel free to contact us!

I have several web sites. Do I need to open separate accounts for each of them?

No, and I can say even more - our policy forbids one webmaster to own several accounts. If more than one account will be found belonging to one webmaster all of them will be blocked and such webmaster won't receive any money. You should register only one of your websites in our Affiliate's Program in order to work with us. This rule was drawn just in order to enable you to get unique link for sent the traffic from your websites. In future you will be able to use this link on any number of your websites. If you would like to receive more detailed statistics you can register each of your websites separately in our Affiliate's Program and hence receive separate link per each web site for traffic transfer.

I have a friend who is also would like to start working with you. Will I receive any bonus for bringing him in to join Affiliate's Program?

Yes, sure! For each new member you will bring we will pay you 5% off his or her NetProfit account. This is also the best provision in our industry! It is necessary for him/her to get registered as affiliate using your personal Referral Link, which you can receive at your account, in order for us to correctly determine his/her association with you. There you can also check statistics of all your brought-in webmasters.

Are there any other additional bonuses for webmasters?

Yes, there are some additional bonuses. At any moment you may receive some nice surprise from our management team. This surprise can be anything: digital camera, DVD player, TFT monitor, ticket to some resort, and even a car! Anyone who values us as trusty affiliates and who is ready to do business with us in particular is eligible to receive such surprises!

Excellent! I am ready to work with you but can I count on any assistance if I will have some questions in the future?

Of course! We are always glad to help you in any of your initiatives. Please do not hesitate to write us any customer support questions at [email protected]. And if you will have any general or affiliate related questions please write at [email protected].

Are there any restrictions?

Twist Cash affiliate program does not accept customers from the United States and Ukraine. This is the only limitation.

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